FOX News claims Peru is an international immigrant worker 'magnet'

Robert Tidball

FOX News Latino claimed in an article published last week that Peru has ceased to be a net exporter of international labour and is now an importer.

FOX News claims Peru is an international immigrant worker 'magnet'

(Photo: Andina archive)

FOX used a Peruvian official report which claimed that in 2004 1,464 work visas were issued to foreigners in Peru. By 2014 this number had risen to 13,065. FOX continues to cite the same report which shows that this year the majority of foreign visa applicants originate from other South American countries (Colombia is the largest individual country of origin in the first half of 2015) and that over half of applicants were engineers.

Website Expat Peru claims that the largest group of foreign residents in Peru is Argentinian with 9,000 living in the country. Most foreign residents live in Lima.

In 2005 the UN claimed there were 42,000 foreign residents in Peru but that number will be substantially larger now.

Despite this, many Peruvians express a desire to emigrate, usually to English speaking countries. Often visa or language issues are cited as the reason for not doing so.

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