Foreigners seeking jobs in Peru grew 800% in last decade

Hillary Ojeda

Most foreigners seeking work come from Colombia, Spain and Argentina to work in Peru.

Foreigners seeking jobs in Peru grew 800% in last decade

Jorge Chavez International Airport in Lima. (Photo: Andina archive)

About 5,117 foreigners arrived in Peru for work in April according to a report by the Peruvian National Institute of Information and Statistics (INEI).

But what do the figures look like for Peru on a grander scale, for example, how many people have come in the last 10 years?

The National Superintendency of Migration reports that the number of foreigners in Peru for a temporary period or with residency increased by 793% between 2004 and 2014 according to Andina news agency.

“Peru has become a very important work destination for foreign citizens who seek to develop their skills and talents in a serious country with a promising future. Their work not only helps them, but also contributes to our own development,” said the National Superintendent for Migration, Boris Potozen.

The report found that Colombians arrive to Peru in the highest numbers seeking jobs at 1,713 in the first quarter of the year followed by Spain (757), Argentina (638), Chile (556), Ecuador (515), Brazil (412), Venezuela (349) and the United States (330), among others.

What this means for Peru is a more diverse work force, development and of course, increase in cultural exchange.

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