Flooding isolates thousands in Cusco region of Peru

Via Andina

Heavy rain has caused rivers to overflow, leaving many inhabitants of the region in dire straits.

Flooding isolates thousands in Cusco region of Peru

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Thousands of people in Peru’s southern Andean Cusco region are isolated due to heavy rain and flooding, a local official has said.

Fedia Castro, mayor of Cusco’s La Convencion province, said that over 10,000 residents of Quellouno and other neighboring towns have been affected after the Quillabamba River burst its banks following torrential downpours.

Castro told Andina that the river flooded in the early hours of dawn on Wednesday after more than 20 hours of continuous rains in this remote area located 1,151 kilometers southeast of the capital Lima.

The mayor added that regional and provincial rescue teams have been mobilized to help the local residents, and she asked the central government to send more emergency humanitarian aid and machinery.

“We hope they help us, we need more machines, because the ones we have aren’t enough,” said Castro.

The first batch of relief goods including food, water, blankets and matresses arrived in Quellouno yesterday afternoon. Meanwhile, two backhoes are being used to strengthen the river banks in order to contain some of the flooding.

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