ExpoAmazónica 2017: Event to Position Peruvian Superfoods for Promising Future

Mike Dreckschmidt

Based on marketing the SUPERFOODS PERU brand and sustainable development, the event comes at a strategic moment of economic recovery and emergent opportunities.

ExpoAmazónica 2017: Event to Position Peruvian Superfoods for Promising Future

(Photo: Promperu press release)

Taking place simultaneously in 2 separate cities, Tarapoto and Moyobamba, ExpoAmazónica 2017 is expected to receive more than 40,000 visitors and generate around S/ 50 million in business ventures, as reported by an official press release from PROMPERU.

The event is described as a platform for development that is directed at bringing out the region’s economic potential as well as to promote sustainable growth.

PROMPERU has organized more than 30 international buyers from 16 countries as well as 15 national buyers to attend the event with the purpose of establishing business agreements with the major producers. The event is expected to be a launching pad for positioning the SUPERFOODS PERÚ brand for long-term development and expansion as a plethora of high nutrient health foods from the Peruvian Amazon seek to enter a larger market.

The event will run in the aforementioned cities in the San Martín region August 10 through 13 of this year. Though the Peruvian Superfoods event is a major highlight, ExpoAmazonica 2017 will also feature other promotional and regional development related materials.

This event comes at a strategic time: Peru has marketed their SUPERFOODS PERÚ brand around the world in the past months: from small Western European countries to economic giants. The economy is also showing its resilience as recovery and growth after El Niño floods looks to be better than initially expected.

Among the products to be part of the SUPERFOODS PERÚ exposition are: sacha inchi, camu camu, aguaje, unguragui, copoazu, palmitos, azai, cocona, and carambola; have you heard of them before?

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