Evenpro amusement park now open in Lima, Peru

By Rachel Chase

Traveling theme park will stay in Lima until early March.

Evenpro amusement park now open in Lima, Peru

(Photo: El Comercio)

Summer’s finally rolled around, and it’s time to spend leisurely afternoons outside in the sun. But If you’re sick of lying on the beach and tired of picnics on the malecon, you’re in luck, because a new summer distraction has opened in Lima: Evenpro Park.

According to La Republica, Evenpro is a traveling amusement park operated by Evenpro, Inc., a company that specializes in event planning and entertainment. Evenpro has already entered the Peruvian market by bring artists such as The Cure, Keane, The Offspring, and Luis Miguel to Lima. Later this year, they’ll bring bands Metallica and 30 Seconds to Mars. Now, they’re ready for a new venture in the country.

The park, which opened on Jan. 1 of this year, is planned to be open until March 10. It includes 30 different rides imported by sea from the United States. La Republica reports that 15 of the rides are meant for adults, and the other other half for younger children.

Park promoters promise complete safety. “The machines won’t even turn on if the safety locking arms on the seats aren’t firmly attached. If there is a power outage, the machines come down using gravity. The word ‘accident’ does not exist in this park,” explained Venezuelan investor Luis Arturo Guzman in conversation with La Republica.

An all-day pass costs S/. 50 and gives visitors access to all of the park’s rides. Evenpro is predicting that as many as one million people may come to the park during its stay in Lima, with around 15,000 people expected to visit the park every day.

In addition to rides, Evenpro includes a petting zoo, a food court, a mini circus, karaoke, and live shows.

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