European Commission recognizes Pisco as Peruvian

By Rachel Chase

Chile will still be able to use the name “pisco,” but the European Commission has given special recognition to Peru.

European Commission recognizes Pisco as Peruvian

(Photo: David Stanley)

The European Commission has decided that Peru has a special claim to the name “pisco” as applied to its national liquor.

According to El Comercio, the European Commission has granted “protection and commercialization in the [European] community market,” for Peru and its marketing of pisco.

“With this important recognition, Pisco will enjoy immediate protection inside the market of the European Union, safeguarding the solid rights of Peru about its denomination origin at an international level,” a spokesperson told press today.

However, this recognition does not mean that Chile will be prohibited from using the name “pisco” to market their similar grape liquor. As El Comercio reports, what the registration of Pisco as a proprietary name to Peru does is mark a formal recognition on the part of the European Commission that Peru has a special geographical connection to the name Pisco.

So Peru will be able to reference Pisco as the geographical origin of the drink pisco in its marketing of said beverage. Chile will also be able to call their liquor pisco, but will not be able to claim a geographical connection to that name.

The Ministry of Exterior Commerce and Tourism (MINCETUR) and the National Institute for the Defense of Competition and Protection of Peruvian Intellectual Property (INDECOPI) worked together to register pisco with the European Commission.

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