Earthquake and tsunami drills scheduled for Lima during April and May

By Hannah Vickers

Three extra earthquake and tsunami drills will take place in Lima on Arpil 19 and 26, and May 3.

Earthquake and tsunami drills scheduled for Lima during April and May

Three extra drills will take place in April and May (Referential photo: El Comercio archives)

Mayor of Lima, Susana Villarán has announced three new earthquake and tsunami drills for the coast of Lima on April 19 and 26, and May 3.

The drills will be in different parts of the city, the April 19 drill is for north Lima, the April 26 is for south Lima, and the May 3 is for the Costa Verde.

Since the recent seismic activity in and close to Peru, and particularly the strong earthquakes in Chile, Villarán says that it’s important to be prepared.
“We can’t wait until there’s a disaster. We must act and be alert. In any moment an earthquake could be registered like the one that occurred in Chile,” she said.

These drills are in addition to the ones that Peru this Week announced in March:
May 30 at 3 p.m. (all Peru)
August 27 at 10 a.m. (Only Lima and Callao)
October 9 at 8 p.m. (all Peru)

Villarán also stated that next Tuesday the Council of Lima will approve a tsunami protocol for Lima Metropolitan.

“This is a protocol that will advise what to do in the case of an earthquake in the first 72 hours, and what each of the authorities has to do at three, six, nine and every three hours after an emergency like this has occurred,” she concluded.

Be prepared: Pack a Survival kit
Peru this Week would like to advise readers living in Peru to make the necessary preparations to be ready in the event of a large scale earthquake. Find out where your nearest evacuation and congregation points are and check your building’s guidelines. If you’re not sure what to pack, you can check our survival kit guide. We suggest that you pack both a rucksack and a box.

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