Dance, read and relax in the Metropolitano

Ana Gamero

The Metropolitano will no longer be the same on Thursdays. Learn about what cultural events you can enjoy while waiting for the bus here.

Dance, read and relax in the Metropolitano

(Photo: Metropolitano Facebook)

“Cultural Thursdays” is the name of the campaign that is looking to introduce some cultural activities in the Metropolitano stations. For example, in the Estación Central (Central Station) one can enjoy some rock, classic and Peruvian music.

One of the most welcomed performers is the Latin pop band called “Ladrones de Guevara” which plays reggae, salsa, funk and Peruvian music. A more traditional option is given with “Vibraciones: VII Festival Internacional de Vibráfono y Marimba,” which offers rhythms from different parts of Peru. Music for everyone’s taste!

For users who enjoy reading “Bus de la Lectura” is perfect for them. It invites people to enjoy a good book for free while being in the stations.

In this way, El Metropolitano is turning into a cultural space that will allow users to relax and forget for a bit about the traffic. Let us know which was your favorite band or book offered by the city of Lima.

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