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Creator of beloved “El chavo del 8” passes away

By Agnes Rivera

Roberto ‘Chespirito’ Gómez Bolaños was 85-years old.

Creator of beloved “El chavo del 8” passes away

(Photo: Peru21)

Roberto Gómez Bolaños, fondly referred to as ´Chesperito,´ has passed away at the age of 85 today, confirms Mexican press. The creator of the beloved comedy sitcom was in Cancún, where he had been living.

Gómez was a multi-talented Mexican screenwriter and actor who gained popularity with his hit comedy sitcom, “El chavo del ocho,” first televised in 1973. Starring Gómez himself, the show became wildly popular throughout Latin American countries and syndication continues on Peruvian television channels, even after its end in 1980.

It is believed that Gómez was given the nickname “Chesperito” by a film director who “took the diminutive of the Spanish pronunciation of Shakespeare and named him for his abundant production and librettist and his short stature” (El Comercio).

The cause of death is unknown at the moment however it is known that Gómez suffered from diabetes as well as emphysema. His health was reportedly deteriorating in the past few months.

Did you grow up watching “El chavo del ocho,” readers?

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