Costs and accessibility of Mistura questioned

By Agnes Rivera

Many Peruvians feel excluded from what some call an over-priced event.

Costs and accessibility of Mistura questioned

(Photo: El Comercio Archive)

Peruvians spent much of the past few months in anticipation for the grand gastronomic event that is Mistura. Now that it is here, only a portion of the population is actually able to spend their time and money at the event.

Social networks have been flooded with complaints that event organizers fail to think of the greater majority, many pointing to the fact of how costly the event can be for an entire family. The entrance tickets, various plates, and perhaps expenditure on transportation to the event add up to a total that is less than comfortable for the average person.

Meanwhile the event is far from lowering costs, as the president of the Peruvian Association of Gastronomy (Apega), Bernardo Roca Rey, points out that every year Mistura has been expensive.

Vice President of Apega, Mariano Valderrama, argues that many necessary expenses go into the event that are less obvious to the public. The seventh edition of Mistura is currently along the Costa Verde. The cost to make the site safe and walkable for a large crowd had a costly fee. Transportation of water, sewage disposal, toilets, electricity, security, among other services, brought Mistura 2014´s cost to a total of 20 million soles.

“If the state will enable us to use a permanent meeting ground where we can have water and a sewage system, all will definitely be cheaper,” Rey told La Republica news agency.

Until solutions are found, the high costs of organizing Mistura will only continue to result in high prices for fair goers.

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