Congress Questions Minister on Airport Concession

Mike Dreckschmidt

Martìn Vizcarra responds for high costs in construction of Chinchero airport in Cuzco.

Congress Questions Minister on Airport Concession

(Photo: Wikipedia Commons)

We covered this controversy when it arose back in March of this year, but the official questioning of the Minister of Transport and Communications Minister Vizcarra was delayed as aid initiatives for El Niño flood victims took precedence over political investigations.

President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski has indicated that the inflated costs, which come from a contract negotiated during Ollanta Humala´s presidency, have been redrawn by his administration to reduce public funds dedicated to the project.

Today the Fuerza Popular majority congress (party of jailed ex-dictator Alberto Fujimori) is questioning the Minister for the concession contract that promises US$ 140 million of government funds to the building of an international airport in Cuzco.

Tension between Congress and the President have remained high since PPK defeated Keiko Fujimori in the election last year. This is the second time a minister has been questioned by Congress and the first, Jaime Saveedra, was forced to step down in a decision that many have since questioned for its political motives. The questioning may last throughout the day and could lead to the forced resignation of the Minister in the most extreme case if congress votes to impeach.

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