Chuck E. Cheese's plans investment in Peru

By Rachel Chase

Popular American restaurant chain looks to expand in Peru.

Chuck E. Cheese's plans investment in Peru

(Photo: El Comercio)

Peru’s first Chuck E. Cheese location opened today in Plaza Lima Norte, in La Independencia. Chuck E. Cheese, a chain of restaurant and entertainment centers, serves pizza as well as incorporating an arcade and game area into the locale.

In addition to opening in Lima, however, El Comercio reports that the company is looking to make a substantial investment in Perú. Eduardo Eneque, the director of Chuck E. Cheese’s Peru operations, told El Comercio that “Perú has one of the economies in the región that’s growing strongly, and we saw the opportunity to bring a new format of entertainment here.” According to the report, the average bill for a family of four will total around S/. 100 per visit.

El Comercio also reports that Chuck E. Cheese will primarily cater to children between the ages of 2 and 14. Eneque explained that the company chose to open a location in the north of Lima because there’s a high concentration of children living in the area: “More than 20% of our objective audience in Lima lives in the districts in the northern zone. Because of this, we decided to place our bet on that part of the city.”

According to El Comercio, Chuck E. Cheese’s total investment in Lima totals around US$2 million. El Comercio also reports that the chain has signed a contract with Mall Aventura plaza to open locations in Trujillo and Arequipa within the next two years, and expects to invest US$10 million in five locations in Peru.

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