Christmas leftovers trash and pollute streets of Lima, Peru

By Hillary Ojeda

The overwhelming amount of trash and pollution after the holidays has caused experts to worry for the locals’ health.

Christmas leftovers trash and pollute streets of Lima, Peru

(Photo: Alejandro Currarino/El Comercio)

Gift wrapping, plastic, Christmas feast left-overs, cardboard boxes, and toys are just some of the waste scattered in the streets of Lima today, after locals celebrated Christmas yesterday.

According to El Comercio, the build up of trash at Tupac Amaru Avenue in Comas is perhaps in the worst condition. Obstructing the walkways and people setting the piles on fire at night are just some of the issues at hand in the area at the moment.

As well, at block seven of Bausate and Meza avenues, residents are at risk of exposure to disease and high levels of pollution due to the quantity of mounds of trash.

Comas inhabitant, Emma Pérez told El Comercio, “the trucks go once every two or three weeks, but we do not know exactly when they will come. On top of that, in the early morning, people come and light the trash on fire.”

La Victoria district experienced similar destruction and waste yesterday. However, the municipality released a statement that reported nearly 345 tons of solid waste that had been collected since the disposal.

Additionally, La Republica reported a total of 1.8 tons of waste in Chiclayo, according to the Deputy Manager of Economic Development of the City of Ottawa. This caused chaos in traffic, swarming flies, and disturbance of peace.

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