CEO of Intercorp: Peru's greatest resource is its young people

By Rachel Chase

In his presentation at CADE 2013, Carlos Rodriguez Pastor highlighted the importance of empowering Peruvians under 30.

CEO of Intercorp: Peru's greatest resource is its young people

(Photo: World Economic Forum/Flickr)

Speaking at CADE 2013, Carlos Rodriguez Pastor talked about Peru’s most important resource. According to Rodriguez Pastor, Peru’s future economic prosperity won’t be due to mining profits or energy investment— rather, to its young people. Specifically, Rodriguez Pastor identified Peruvians under the age of 30 as the country’s most important economic resource.

If there’s anyone who’s qualified to talk about business success in Peru, it’s Carlos Rodriguez Pastor. He is the CEO of the Intercorp Group, one of Peru’s largest corporations. Intercorp owns a number of well-known Peruvian companies, including Interbank, Vivanda and Plaza Vea, Casa Andina, Cineplanet, and InkaFarma. According to Forbes, Rodriguez Pastor has a net worth of US$3.4 billion.

“We have a population that is mostly under 30 years old, and they’re open to change and they have another mentality. It’s a young population that wants to win,” said the tycoon at CADE 2013.

Rodriguez Pastor also talked about the need for education in the growing nation, explaining that the educational infrastructure lacks a necessary sense of “urgency,” and added that better methods for tracking students’ progress are needed.

Rodriguez Pastor, 54, completed his undergraduate studies at the University of California-Berkeley and received an MBA from Dartmouth College.

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