British and Dutch duo to row the Amazon River

by Diego M. Ortiz

Wright and Rond are rowing in aid of the Leonard Chesire Disability fund.

British and Dutch duo to row the Amazon River

Row the Amazon

Anton Wright and Dr. Mark de Rond will set out on a 2,200-mile journey from Peru to the Brazilian coast this September. If they are successful, they will become the first crew to row the length of the Amazon River.

Others have kayaked, walked, and swum the distance, but none have ever rowed it.
The pair will begin the adventure on September 1 and hope to reach the Brazilian coast in six weeks. They plan on rowing about 100 kilometers a day (60 miles). Considering their background, this duo may just be the team to do it.

Wright, 38, is a rowing coach at Cambridge University’s Clare College. Alongside him is Cambridge academic Rond,45, of the Netherlands, who has lived with combat surgeons in Afghanistan and trained with elite rowers.

“I do a lot of research about people in difficult circumstances and decided to put my money where my mouth is and do something different myself,” Rond told the Cambridge News. “We have both rowed for many years but we think the biggest challenge is in the mind. It is the psychology more than the physiology.”

According to an interview with Reuters, the two adventurers will eat, sleep and carry all of their food, water and medicine aboard a small vessel equipped with solar panels to power their communications, safety and navigation equipment. The will make occasional stops to replenish supplies at riverside villages along the way.

The men will sleep in turns at night in order to keep watch for runaway logs which could destroy their boat, a bright yellow ocean-going double scull.

They will also have to be vigilant of anacondas, bull sharks, thieves, illegal mining and logging operators trying to keep their locations secret and drug traffickers in the vast rainforest.

Wright and Rond are rowing in aid of the Leonard Chesire Disability , a charity which helps to support disabled people around the world.

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