Bloomberg: "Think beyond Machu Picchu"

Agnes Rivera

Much like the NYTimes, Bloomberg sees Peru as a top destination in 2017, and not just for its usual tourist draws.

Bloomberg: "Think beyond Machu Picchu"

Veronica mountain, in Urubamba, Peru (Photo: Edubucher/Wikimedia)

Struck by wanderlust but dizzy with the seemingly endless list of possible destinations for your next travel?

This time of year plenty of media giants and humble bloggers are spouting off their top travel recommendations for 2017. Even if you don’t have the travel bug (or the time and/or money to become a globetrotter), it’s always interesting to see how the lists compare.

Last week we published that The New York Times had included Peru in their annual list of 52 Places to Go, published January 4. That same day, another media giant, Bloomberg, had included the Andean nation on their list of Where to Go in 2017.

Whereas the NYTimes focused on the up-and-coming as well as traditional gastronomical culture of the Sacred Valley, Bloomberg mentions slew of tourism underdogs such as “the Incan salt pans of Maras, the uncharted, snow-capped mountains of Veronica and Sawasiray, and the endless horizon of Lake Titicaca.”

While it’s nice that the news site mentioned a few lesser known spots, the article comes off as more of a promotional plug for the likes of Belmond and Explora. One point for NYTimes for providing a human factor to their travel feature.

If you had to make a quick list of places to see in Peru besides Machu Picchu, what would you include?

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