Avianca implements Quechua services in Cusco airport

By Rachel Chase

South American airline has decided to add the indigenous language Quechua to its roster of languages for customer service in two airports in Peru.

Avianca implements Quechua services in Cusco airport

(Photo: YM Guillaume/Flickr)

South American airline Avianca has incorporated Quechua-language announcements into its services at the Cusco and Juliaca airports in Peru.

Quechua is one of South America’s most widely-spoken indigenous languages. 2007 census data from Perú indicates that 3 million people across the country speak the language.

Erika Hundskopf, director of sales for Avianca Perú, told Gestion that the addition of Quechua to their language roster was meant to improve passengers’ experience with the airline: “In our continuous search to offer friendlier services at the highest standards of quality, we implemented this initiative in the Juliaca and Cusco airports.”

“In both cities, there are large Quechua-speaking populations,” explained Hundskopf, adding “[T]hat’s why we expect this innovation to contribute to travelers having a satisfactory experience [with Avianca].”

Gestion reports that the Quechua announcements can be heard while passengers wait at their gates before takeoff, as well as in instructions on planes once they’ve landed.

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