Agroecology in the Andes: Sachi (VIDEO)

Agnes Rivera

Can you guess what a “natural” fertilizer consists of? A local farmer in Ancash gives us a look into one of his most valuable techniques, “sachi”.

Agroecology in the Andes: Sachi (VIDEO)

(Screenshot: Youtube/Carlo Brescia)

Everybody poops, but not everyone understands how beneficial animal poop can be for the harvested goods that make up our daily diet.

In the village of Llacta, of the Ancash region of Peru, a local farmer explains the technique known as “sachi”.

As the video description explains, “sachi consists in installing a barnyard on a plot of land, and then collecting, composting and using the manure produced by the livestock as a fertilizer”.

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The video below tells of the difference between a natural fertilizer and a chemical treatment, and the effects each have upon everyday crops:

(Video: Youtube/Carlo Brescia)

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