Peru's Nazca lines protected against rain

Ica’s regional government cleared canals around the site, to ensure water runoff wouldn’t affect the site.

Peru's Nazca lines protected against rain

Peru’s Nazca Lines have been protected against rain, after completing the cleaning of 15 canals and culverts, according to Ica’s Regional Office of Culture (DRC).

"This work, funded entirely by the Regional Government of Ica, has allowed us to channel rain water into an area where danger or damage will not occur," said Américo Baiocchi, head of Ica’s DRC.

According to Andina, regional authorities managed to clean about 1,800 of canals, which will redirect rainwater away from the lines – the work was carried out between June and July of this year.

"This project was also carried out because of the possibility that the rains may be intensified by a possible La Niña. Therefore, the work consisted of removing everything that was accumulated in the canals and culverts," he said.

Baiocchi said they had increased surveillance and staff in the area, as a way to protect the site.

"We also have two archaeologists in an office in Nazca and there is a sort of an \‘agreement\’ with the pilots who make flybys, they let us know immediately if someone enters the protected area without authorization," he said.