Mistura 2013 will take place on Magdalena's Costa Verde

By Alix Farr

Apega has signed an agreement with the district of Magdalena to hold Peru’s most famous food event on the Costa Verde for the next five years.

Mistura 2013 will take place on Magdalena's Costa Verde

(Photo: Mistura Facebook)

Mistura, Peru’s internationally renowned annual food fair, will take place on Lima’s oceanfront Costa Verde this year. 

The Peruvian Gastronomic Society (Apega), which organizes the event, has signed an agreement with the Municipality of Magdalena to use a space of 2.5 kilometers on the coast for the next five years, according to a press release on the Mistura website.

At least a million people are expected to attend this year’s fair, which will take place from Sept. 6 to 15 and feature “water and aquatic resources” as the theme.  

According to the agreement, the market portion of the event, call the Mistura Agricultural Fair, will first open on Sundays in May on blocks 29 through 32 of Brasil Avenue and will be a place where producers from around Peru will be able to offer their products to Lima consumers.

This forms part of  “Gastronomic Agrofood Chains,” a project promoted by Apega and the Interamerican Development Bank that aims to help small producers get closer to the general public. 

Previously, Apega Director Berdardo Roca Rey told El Comercio that Gaston Acurio would be back on the planning team for the 2013 event after taking a hiatus in 2012.

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