Cusco river rafting accident leaves one tourist dead, another missing

By Manuel Vigo

Tourists say the tour guides took them on a river only meant for professionals.

Cusco river rafting accident leaves one tourist dead, another missing

(Photo: RPP/Archive)

A river rafting expedition has left one person dead, and another missing, in the region of Cusco.
The fatal accident occurred when three boats overturned during a river-rafting expedition in the Vilcanota River, in Cusco, RPP reported.

A total of 12 tourists and 3 expedition guides fell into the river waters, in the province of La Convención, on Tuesday afternoon. Despite the intense currents, most were able to swim to safety.
A total of 8 tourists were reported missing after the incident, six of whom were found hours later.
However, a 25-year-old Canadian tourist was found dead, hours after the incident, El Comercio reported.

Meanwhile, Peruvian rescue crews continue to search for Alycia Berrier, a 23-year-old American.
Luciano Diapoli, an Argentine tourist who survived, said the incident was the result of the tour guides’ negligence.

"That turbulence is only for professionals", he said to RPP.

"We thought that these people were aware of what they were doing, but the situation got out of control.”

"It was horror see them fight for their lives. I asked the guide to put the boat on the side because I wanted to get to land and suddenly the boat jumped and we fell, but then they threw a rope… we had the misfortune of seeing a person floating [down the river].”

Update: The body of Alycia Berrier was found on Wednesday afternoon, La Republica reported.

According to the daily, Aqua Trek Peru, the company that provided the boats and guides, would be fined for lacking the necessary permits required for providing rafting services in the river.