Peru: Congressman invokes impotence fear to support new Cusco airport

By Nick Rosen

The congressman said that the airport should be moved to a remote location.

Peru: Congressman invokes impotence fear to support new Cusco airport

The current Cusco airport (Markuswp5/Wikimedia Commons)

Is it possible that the threat of impotence pushed Congress to act on a long-delayed infrastructure project?

Last week, Congress unanimously approved a bill designed to facilitate the construction of a new international airport outside of Cusco. During the debate on the bill, Congressman Jesus Hurtado Zamudio said that the current location of Cusco’s airport, in the center of the city, exposed residents to the risk of impotence, and the airport thus should be moved to a more remote location.

The congressman, who is also a psychologist and Evangelical theologian, said that, “When noise exceeds 60 decibels, your reproductive capacity can suffer. Loud noises affect human behavior, and when there is too much stress, one can suffer from infertility or sexual impotence.”

Research has documented that long-term exposure to high levels of noise pollution can lead to impotence, as well as high blood pressure and other health problems, though a search turned up no papers directly linking airports and impotence.

Hurtado Zamudio supported the legislation to build a new airport in the rural community of Chincheros. He is aligned with Fuerza 2011 and represents Junín. Authorities expect to begin construction of the new airport in 2013 or 2014.