Meet Peru's new Ministers

By Manuel Vigo

Brief profiles on the ten new ministers, who were appointed following Prime Minister Lerner’s resignation.

Meet Peru's new Ministers

President Humala and his new Ministers during swearing in ceremony (Photo: Andina)

On Sunday night President Ollanta Humala swore in Oscar Valdés, Peru’s new Prime Minister and the new members of his cabinet.

The departments that were left unchanged were: the Ministry of Education, Finance, Housing, Development and Social Inclusion, Health, Transportation and Communication, Trade, and Foreign Affairs.

Below you’ll find brief profiles on the ten new Ministers who were appointed following Prime Minister Lerner’s resignation on Saturday.

Minister of Justice, Juan Jiménez, a 47 year-old former director of Peru’s Pontifical Catholic University’s Public Interest Law Clinic, and member of the Peruvian Association of Constitutional Law. He was appointed deputy Minister of Justice in August 2011, a position he also held during the Paniagua administration.

Minister of Labor Jose Villena, a 43-year old former director of public resources at the Ministry of Finance. He also served as senior advisor to the Office of Provisional Normalization; as director of the Ministry of Labor’s office of Worker’s Free Legal Council; and as head of the Ministry’s Prevention Office.

Minister of Women’s Affairs Ana Rosario Jara, a 43-year old lawyer, and current congresswoman, who also serves as head of the Congressional Foreign Relations Committee.

Minister of Interior Daniel Lozada is a 65-year old economist, who previously served as chief of staff at the Ministry of Interior. He is the former general manager of Contilatin del Perú S.A. and Avícolas Asociadas S.A.

Minister of Environmental Affairs Manuel Pulgar Vidal, a 49-year old lawyer, and member of the Peruvian Society for Environmental Law. He was also a professor at Peru’s Pontifical Catholic University as well as at the University of Applied Sciences and at Universidad del Pacifico.

Minister of Agriculture Luis Ginocchio, a 57-year old agricultural exports consultant, and a competitiveness and development researcher. He was also a technical advisor for the Sustainable Rural Development Program.

Ministry of Energy and Mining Jose Merino Tafur, a 60-year who previously worked as a project manager for mining investments at Pro Inversion. He is also a member of Activos Mineros S.A.C

Minister of Defense Luis Alberto Otárola, a 44-year old lawyer, who has previously served as Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs at the Ministry of Defense, during the Toledo administration.

Minister of Culture Luis Alberto Peirano, a 66-year old sociologist, who previously served as Dean of the College of Communications at Peru’s Pontifical Catholic University. He is also part Peru’s National Commission for Culture at the UNESCO.

Minister of Prodution Jose Urquizo, a 44-year old former director of Monseñor Víctor Álvarez Huapaya Technological Institute. He’s currently a congressman and has also served as regional Vice-President of Ayacucho between 2003 and 2006.