'Non-human' mummy found in Peru highlands

According to the anthropologist who discovered it, the mummy’s unusual features indicate it is “an extraterrestrial being”

'Non-human' mummy found in Peru highlands

(Photo: RPP/Cesar Zapata)

Anthropologist Renato Davila, from the Private Museum of Andean Rituals in Andahuaylillas, Cusco, announced the discovery of a mummy with “non-human” features.

According to Davila, the discovery has been confirmed by Spanish and Russian specialists.

Speaking to local radio station RPP, Davila said the body was about 50 cm in length, had a triangular head, disproportionate eye cavities, molars, and a fontanelle (an anatomical feature usually found on infant’s skulls.)

The unusual features, Davila argues, demonstrate that there is an enormous gap between the human anatomy and the mummy found.

"We thought he was a child but Spanish and Russian doctors have come and we have confirmed that it is indeed an extraterrestrial being," said the anthropologist.