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Restaurant review: La Verde Bio-factoria

Ana Paula Chavez / VeggieAna

If you’re into healthy eating and small, cozy restaurants, La Verde is the place for you.

Restaurant review: La Verde Bio-factoria

Napolean (Photo: Living in Peru/Amara Photos)

Located in the heart of Miraflores district, near Kennedy Park, La Verde – a bio-factoria – is a healthy vegan restaurant with a very relaxing vibe. The place itself is small. There is a bar where you can see how they prepare coffees and smoothies, and an open room where they prepare the baked goods, just behind a display of all the desserts they are serving that day. One thing I find really unique is the fact that their daily menú constantly changes, since everything is made from scratch, with fresh and organic ingredients.

Henry and Mariella, owners of La Verde, started their vegan journey on a macrobiotic diet, and raised their kids this way too. So they had to come up with creative delicious recipes to make it fun for the kids. That is how they found their passion for cooking healthy vegan meals and desserts: by just experimenting.

Brownies nearing perfection (Photo: Living in Peru/Amara Photos)

They first started selling their famous dishes at the Farmer’s Market in Miraflores in Reducto Park (known as “La Bioferia”), actually being pretty much the founders of it, and selling what Mariella says was the first vegan chocolate cake. Eight years later they were able to get a place to put their first restaurant, El Almazen, one of the very first vegan and organic certified places in Lima. The vegan movement was just starting so they had a lot of success and gained the love from people that came by everyday.

La Verde is a project they started in September of last year (2015), and as Mariella describes it, it’s a mixture between their farmer’s market job and El Almazén. She is, literally everyday, non stop working in the production of every dish, making sure the quality is perfect. Right now, La Verde is their main job, but on Saturdays they still have their very famous spot at the market.

The veggie burger, La Silvestre, and dips for the Bread Platter (Photo: Living in Peru/Amara Photos)

Every meal and dessert in La Verde is made from scratch, including the bread, jams, doughs, and vegan milks. They buy all their fruits and vegetables organic and according to season.

Now, on to my favorite part, the eating part.

First we tried the Chupe Andino which is a think soup made from potatoes, oca, pumpkin, broad beans, and more. It had an exquisite taste and very filling. Next up was the Napoleón, made with eggplant, zucchini, pumpkin, pesto and ragú sauce; it was by far everyone’s favorite, and definitely didn’t taste vegan. They served us a Bread Platter which had very delicious sauces, including hummus and an olive tapenade.

Chupe Andino (Photo: Living in Peru/Amara Photos)

Then there was La Silvestre, a burger made from cashews and mushrooms. Funnily enough, this dish came about out of necessity as one day there were no other ingredientes, and it turned out to be a success; it had a mustard sauce and the combination was amazing.

What really surprised me the most were the Quinoa Waffles, which adds a protein value to the breakfast (or dessert) plate and tasted really good with chocolate ice cream and fruit. They also brought out Chocolate Brownies and popsicles, definitely a dessert to share, since it was really rich.

Quinoa Waffles and ice cream (Photo: Living in Peru/Amara Photos)

Unfortunately, the Chupe Andino and Napoleón were the meals that they made only that day, since they change the menú and usually never do it again – maybe next week if we’re lucky. I think that’s something they could work on, such a delicious meal should be on their day-to-day menu! These dishes would absolutely become the stars of the restaurant.

So if you want to grab a bite of delicious healthy food (which you won’t even notice is vegan) definitely have a go at La Verde, you won’t regret it!

Prices begin at S/ 10 for starters and up to S/30 for mains on the daily menú, which is totally worth it considering the amazing quality their food is made from.

La Verde
Recavarren 315, Miraflores

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