An international Pisco Sour Day celebration

By Alix Farr

Whether you are in Peru or abroad, there are plenty of places to celebrate Peru’s national cocktail.

An international Pisco Sour Day celebration

(Photo: El Comercio)

So popular has Peru’s national cocktail become that one no longer needs to be in Peru to find great deals and celebrations for Pisco Sour Day, which takes place this Saturday, Feb. 2.

The pisco sour was invented in the 1920s by Victor Morris, an American who had lived in Lima for years and who owned the Morris Bar on the Jirón de la Unión downtown. 

With a rapid rise of pisco exports and new Peruvian restaurants around the globe over the last decade, it is no surprise that the popularity of the pisco sour has followed a similar trajectory.

Whether you are in Lima, elsewhere in Peru, or abroad, here are some tips for where to celebrate with a frothy cup this weekend.


In Lima, a number of districts are having community celebrations:

Cercado de Lima
Pueblo Libre
Elsewhere in Peru, other local governments are organizing events:



New York: Many Peruvian and South American restaurants around the city will have the pisco flowing freely 
Los Angeles: Again, a number of different restaurants have deals as well as unique takes on this pisco cocktail 
London: Learn how to make a pisco sour this Saturday at one of Ceviche UK’s master classes  

Staying home and want to make your own?

Martin Morales of Ceviche UK and mixologist Miguel Arbe teach you how in this video:

Heard of any other celebrations? We know there are plenty more. Leave a comment to help spread the word!