Unique cocktails highlighted for Chilcano Week


Many bars around town are offering special deals and unique flavor combinations to celebrate this classic Peruvian cocktail.

Unique cocktails highlighted for Chilcano Week

Chilcanos from the Huaringas Bar. (Photo: Huaringas Bar Facebook)

The classic chilcano has been transformed and reproduced so many times that there is now a seemingly infinite number of varieties and combinations.

Are you a fan of exotic fruit? A cocktail with camu camu or aguaymanto would be perfect for you.

Do you want to avoid bad luck? Try one made with a macerate of the herb rue.

Do you want to try something new? Perhaps you could try a chilcano with blackberries and ginger.

There is a chilcano for every taste.

Chilcanos with personality

If you like drinks that are strong and intense, visiting Huaringas Bar should be on your to-do list. In this season, the blackberrie-ginger and the raspberry-muña chilcanos are being highlighted.

“We have between 15 and 20 varieties of chilcano that have been chosen after hundreds of trials to find the perfect combinations,” affirms Rosario Alcorta, the bar’s manager.

More than 96 combinations

Are you looking for variety?  Then Mayta Restaurante Bar will surely tickle you taste buds. In the locale, 96 varieties of chilcanos are served, and the fruit varieties are the stars of the show.

Which are the most popular this season?  That would be the camu camu, pineapple and starfruit.

A refreshing sip

Saqra has an interesting and innovative way to cool down from the summer heat: frozen chilcanos.  In general, these are made with a base of multiple fruit-infused pisco varieties, which are prepared on site.

Stop in to try one of the numerous varieties, including granadilla, lemon grass, cinnamon and ginger. As if that weren’t enough, the classes these drinks are served in are very generous.

Where to go:

Huaringas Bar, Óvalo Bolognesi 460 Miraflores

Mayta, 28 de Julio 1290 Miraflores

Saqra, Pasaje el Suche, Av. La Paz 646 Miraflores