Photos: Gaston Acurio's burger joint, Papacho's

By Alix Farr

Want to try out one of the many new offerings at the corner of La Paz and 28 de Julio, but not in the mood for something upscale? Papacho’s has a burger with your name on it.

Photos: Gaston Acurio's burger joint, Papacho's

(All photos: Gaston Acurio Facebook)

The corner of 28 de Julio and La Paz in Miraflores is getting crowded. Upscale restaurants by big-name chefs are moving in quickly and turning the intersection into the next big gastronomic hotspot in Lima. If you\‘ve already visited Hajime Kasuga\‘s H (Ache), Pedro Miguel Schiaffino\‘s Amaz and Gaston Acurio\‘s Los Bachiche, here\‘s a new one for you: Acurio\‘s casual dining restaurant, Papacho\‘s. 

This project, which just opened this week, is the first in a slew of more informal options that Acurio is presenting in Peru this year. 

In preparation for the opening, Acurio released photos of many of the dishes on his Facebook account. The menu has a number of Peruvian-style hamburgers, including two veggie burgers, and other glammed-up fast food specialties, like barbeque chicken wings, tacos and a club sandwich. 

Check out the photos below of some of the restaurant\‘s burger offerings, and visit Papacho\‘s from noon to midnight at the corner of La Paz and 28 de Julio.

A lo pobre. Criollo-style with plantains and an egg. 

La Chapada. With two types of cheese and bacon.

La Criollita. With onions, avocado, ají and potato sticks. 

La Frenchi. With mushroom sauce emmental cheese.

La Gaucha. With chimichurri sauce, onions, provolone cheese and avocado.

Lamb burger with an eggplant sauce.

Miss Mundo. A vegetarian patty with radishes, avocado and a rocoto sauce.

Miss Veggie. A quinoa burger with mango chutney, yogurt and hummus.

La Papacha. With crunchy onion, bacon and blue cheese.