Gaston Acurio's Christmas recipes

By Nick Rosen

Peru’s super chef, Gastón Acurio, releases some tasty recipes for your Christmas dinner.

Gaston Acurio's Christmas recipes

Photo: Andina/ Jessica Vicente

Not too long ago, we were sitting in our office in Lima thinking about what our readers would love to read for Christmas. “Let’s ask Gastón Acurio what he’s cooking for Christmas,” someone suggested.

So we made some phone calls and wrote some e-mails, and received a very polite response from Gastón’s press people, telling us that he was too busy during the holiday season to sit down for an interview. We felt defeated.

This week, however, checking his Facebook page, we discovered something remarkable: Christmas recipes for his ideal meal. Many Christmas recipes- more than we ever would have asked for. Pork rolled with passion fruit and figs. Christmas salads. Christmas fried rice. Roast turkey. Pastel de choclo.

As Acurio writes on his page, “They ask me why we are giving so many Christmas recipes. It’s not only because for many it is the most important meal of the year, but because it’s also the meal when everyone get excited to cook something above and beyond. Above all, we do it thinking of those who, for different reasons, do not celebrate Christmas: for those with a sick relative, we hope these ideas provide a relief from sadness; for those with a broken family, we hope these ideas move them to open their hearts through food; for those with a small budget, that they have a range of options that they can adapt and have an unforgettable meal…”

You can see all of the recipes here.

Here are translations of two of the recipes:

Pork ribs caramelized in crunchy coconut
Purchase pork ribs. Boil them in salted water until they are smooth. Then, caramelize them with a caramel made from honey, vinegar, pineapple juice, a rocoto slice, a branch of cilantro, drops of lemon juice, and liquefied panca pepper.

When they are fully glazed, dust them with shredded and fried coconut.

Sweet potatoes
This is an easy recipe, you just have to start it three days early.

Put about twenty sweet potatoes on your roof three days before Christmas. Leave them out in the sun; all their sweetness will concentrate. On Christmas, they will be ready to roast, just with some pads of butter, salt, pepper, and a bit of huacatay. That’s it!