Top 10: Internationally famous Peruvians


We’re all excited about Gianmarco’s Latin Grammy victory. Check out this list of the top-10 most-distinguished Peruvians abroad.

Top 10: Internationally famous Peruvians

Photo by Andina/Vidal Tarqui

Gianmarco\‘s victory at the Latin Grammy Awards was a big one, but he\‘s not the first Peruvian to win recognition overseas. Check out our list of the top ten Peruvians famous abroad, and expect to see Peru\‘s favorite singer/songwriter crack this list soon.

10. Claudia Llosa

Photo: Wikipedia
Exactly half of writer/director Claudia Llosa\‘s films have been nominated for a Best Foreign Picture Oscar, which is a pretty enviable track record. The 34-year-old has just two films on her resumé, but La Teta Asustada won her global acclaim and several awards.

9. Mario Testino
It\‘s not hard to make Catherine Zeta-Jones, Giselle Bundchen and Kate Moss looks good, but according to many fashionistas, no one makes them look better than photographer Mario Testino. The man whose photos have graced the world\‘s most popular magazines and most prestigious museums was also tabbed to take the engagement photos of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

8. Sofia Mulanovich

Photo by Andina/ASP/Kirstin Scholtz
Mulanovich has notched her place in the history of surfing. She is the first South American to be inducted into the Surfers Hall of Fame, and she was World Champion in 2004, also a first for a South American.

7. Gaston Acurio
The chef and restauranteur has a higher profile in Peru than he does internationally, but Acurio still has a huge personal brand outside Peru\‘s borders. He wowed Madrid Fusion with his Peruvian cooking, and has pushed Peruvian food through his restaurants around the world. His latest conquest was New York, where he opened a branch of La Mar.

6. Claudio Pizarro

Photo by Benjamin Radzun
Pizarro might be on the back end of his soccer career, but his legacy is safe. He is the leading foreign scorer in the history of the German Bundesliga.

5. Hernando de Soto
Economists are accustomed to working away in the dusty obscurity of academia. Not so for Hernando de Soto. The thinker has been lauded by Time Magazine and President Bill Clinton, who called him the world\‘s greatest living economist. De Soto\‘s ideas about extending private property rights have influenced governments around the world.

4. Juan Diego Florez

It might be a bit much to call him a Fourth Tenor, but Florez has nearly reached that level of fame. The Italian opera press named him singer of the year, and his 2009 album was nominated for a Grammy. His performances at the Met have been broadcast all around the world.

3. Susana Baca

When Ollanta Humala named Susana Baca as his Minister of Culture, he selected someone who was already an unofficial ambassador for Peru\‘s culture. She is largely responsible for launching Afro-Peruvian music onto the world stage. In 2002, her album won a Latin Grammy, and she shared another one this year with Calle 13, with whom she recorded the song Latinoamerica.

2. Javier Perez de Cuellar
How\‘s this for an exclusive group? Only eight people have ever run the United Nations, and former Secretary General Javier Perez de Cuellar is one of them. The Peruvian diplomat served as the head of the world\‘s most important organization for ten years, during which time he helped broker peace between Argentina and the United Kingdom.

1. Mario Vargas Llosa

Photo by Andina/Hector Vinces
Mario Vargas Llosa\‘s 2010 Nobel Prize in Literature is still fresh in our minds, but the man has been a star on the world literary stage for decades. In 1994, he won the Cervantes Prize, given to the top Spanish-language writers.