Far from Home

Transplanted from the U.S.A to Peru's Sacred Valley

By Radar Black

Peru is as much home for this expat as her home country is.

Transplanted from the U.S.A to Peru's Sacred Valley

The Urubamba river (Photo: Wikipedia)

A very good friend of mine is currently enjoying living in Urubamba in the Sacred Valley of the Incas in Peru. The Sacred Valley offers her the kind of home that she finds is in her spirit as well as in her physical sense. She is not a stranger to Latin American living; She has traveled most of her
adult life, including to many Latin American countries, and she has also lived in several countries. She is just as at ease with the Quechua-Spanish speaking locals as she is with those of her home country.

My friend is originally from the U.S.A. but she has not lived there for over fifteen years. She has a home on the tropical coast (“La Costa Esmeralda” – the Emerald Coast) of the culturally rich state of Oaxaca in Mexico. Oaxaca is home to the surfer’s capital of the Mexican Pipeline on the Pacific coast, which is where the Emerald Coast is located. It is where not only foreigners from
around the world go on vacation, but also where many Mexican tourists go on vacation.

She has been living in the Sacred Valley off and on for three years now. She lived in Cusco and traveled around not only Cusco but other areas of Peru for the first two years. Even though far from her Mexican home, each time she returned to the Sacred Valley she had an inexplicable feeling of returning and coming home. She has a love for the area the goes beyond appreciation for the ancient Incas history, beyond admiration for the beauty of the Andes mountains, beyond respect
for the still-observed traditions and beyond gratitude for the ready-smiles of it’s people. There is something in her being-ness that is home here.

Now in her third year in the Sacred Valley she decided to live in Urubamba. She loves and is drawn to all of the Sacred Valley including Pisac, Yucay and Ollantaytambo. In Urubamba there is an extraordinary energy that, for her, is pleasantly comfortable, easy and relaxing. The climate is great, the town is charming and there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the country
side. Just sitting in her garden rental mesmerized by the vistas or taking a hike through little known nearby trails, she is at home far from home.

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