Top 5 foods of 2015

Natasha Clay

It’s been a great year for Peruvian foods, earning awards and breaking records. Here are Living in Peru’s top picks.

1. Theo chocolate: For the second time in a row an American company that outsourced cacao from Piura won the Best New Product and People’s Choice in Food Category awards. Read more here.

2. Peruvian coffee: Everything gets better with coffee and Europe knows it. With exports of Peruvian coffee on a rise, two types of Peruvian coffee won the First International Competition of Roast Coffees of Origin Paris 2015 award. Read more here.

3. Intipalka #1 Valle del Sol 2011: With every cheese (or for any occasion for that matter Peruvian wine) is the way to go. During this year’s MUNDUS Vini Awards Intipalka took home the gold. Read more here.

4. Cacaosuyo chocolate: Another win for Peruvian chocolate. From Piura, Peru Cacaosuyo won the International Chocolate Awards 2015. Read more here.

5. Quinoa salad: Chefs and engineers came together to create Peru’s largest quinoa salad – and in the process broke the Guinness World Record for largest salad ever created. Read more here.







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