VeggieAna: The best exercises for the abdomen

Ana Paula Chávez
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Want to step up your ab game? Check out this article to learn how.

VeggieAna: The best exercises for the abdomen

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Since I started training in VO2, I realized that there are a thousand and one ways to work the abdomen. One is with cardio, mainly to lose unwanted fat from the mini tummy we all leave. And the second is with abs! But the thing is to make good abs. Abs that flatten the abdomen in a matter of weeks, I’m not lying. Today I bring you just that!

All these exercises I learned in the VO2, where I perfected positions so my back wouldn’t hurt and they would be well executed. Within weeks I have noticed a big change! And I couldn’t help but share it with you. So I will show you 4 exercises that are a MUST to have a flat belly. You should do 4 series of all of them, 30 seconds for each series.

EXERCISE 1: Mountain-climbers

All we have to do is put ourselves in plank position, and bring the right knee to right elbow; likewise, bring the left knee to left elbow. Work Work Work!!


plank with leg

Excercise 2: Pelvis Thrusts

For this exercise, lay on your back and place your hands on the sides. Place one foot on the ground, lift one leg and raise the whole torso, generating constant movement up and down. Repeat with other leg.




Exercise 3: Double Leg Lift with Scissors

Put your hands under your bottom, in the form of a triangle. Then raise both legs and lower, separating and uniting them like scissors. Tip: never let your feet touch the ground!





Exercise 4: Side Lifts

Time to work the side rolls! Rest your arms in a T-shape, and lower legs together to one side and then the other – again, never touching the ground!





I hope you liked this post and choose to begin every day by exercising. You don’t know how good it is for your health. It activates our systems and strengthens the body’s immunity, and I’m happy to go to a place where I achieve my greatest potential: VO2! If you want to see more of these posts or videos of exercise routines, write me and comment please.






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