Lima: Bridging the gap between beauty, poverty (VIDEO)

Agnes Rivera

An Italian hairdresser brings hope to women with his award-winning social program.

Lima: Bridging the gap between beauty, poverty (VIDEO)

(Screenshot: YouTube/Davines Channel)

Do hairdressers have any other power besides making you really really, ridiculously good looking?

If you’re as compassionate as Salvatore Giaquinta, the answer is yes.

Three years ago Giaquinta and his son migrated from their native Italy to Peru in order to set up a hair studio in Lima’s trendy Barranco district. Not only that, they created a great social initiative, Senza Frontiera, or Without Boundaries.

In the video below, Gianquinta takes viewers through Huachipa, a polluted area in the outskirts of Lima. Dedicating four days a week to the social program, Giaquinta aims to “build hope” for the women who, as a result of the harsh environment, lack self-esteem, self-confidence, and freedom.

Without Boundaries was the winner of hair and beauty supply Davines’ competition I Sustain Beauty, a campaign “for everybody to participate in making our world a more beautiful place while embracing a broader definition of beauty” (I Sustain Beauty website).

So how does Giaquinta and the Without Boundaries program bridge the gap between beauty and poverty? Take a look:

(Video: YouTube/Davines Channel)

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