Peru Superfoods Journey

Agnes Rivera

You’ve seen the Peruvian ingredients in stores, and maybe even incorporated a few in your diet – now’s the time to truly experience the cultural and culinary riches of Peru.

Peru Superfoods Journey

Sach Inchi, Avocado, and the best view imaginabl

Maca. Quinoa. Chia.

Watch out, because these endearing, two-syllable names pack a punch.

Peruvian superfoods are taking off, and steadily gaining worldwide attention thanks to their nutritional value, in some cases their taste, and most certainly because organizations and individuals are doing their part in promoting the edible wonders of Peru.

The Living in Peru community is more than familiar with Manuel Villacorta, our healthy food blogger. Manuel also writes for The Huffington Post, has his own nutritional practice in San Francisco, and has published two best-selling books about Peruvian superfoods. So I guess we can agree he’s an expert.

Superfood Salad Recipe + Video

This September, Manuel will be returning to his native Peru for an 8-day adventure, whereby he will take an intimate group of 12 guests on a food and cultural tour of Lima and Cusco.

“This superfoods journey will be the best way for you to really connect with the foods you are incorporating into your new healthy eating plan,” says Manuel, who, along with Llama Expeditions, will take the group to local markets in Peru’s capital city, and to farms and homes in the Sacred Valley.

The September 2016 adventure is going to fill up as fast as you can say “maca, quinoa, chia,” so get all the information you need to sign up today.

The guide and expert himself, Manuel Villacorta, sends a personal message to you:

(Video: Youtube/Manuel Villacorta)

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