Lima's hidden secret: A vegan restaurant in La Molina (VIDEO)

Agnes Rivera

La Casa de Bea is a small, and perhaps unexpected, business in La Molina district of Lima.

Lima's hidden secret: A vegan restaurant in La Molina (VIDEO)

(Screenshot: Youtube/Plant Based Traveler)

“What started as a small Sunday gathering of family and friends has grown into La Casa de Bea, a vegan restaurant that makes a trip to La Molina a must!”, according to the video description left by Plant Based Traveler.

The traveling duo are back at it again with the latest video installment focusing on small businesses in Peru’s capital city. Although Plant Based Traveler promotes vegan-friendly options, the main criteria here seems to be businessmen and women who are bringing more to the table than flowcharts and marketing strategies.

Local: When community outweighs profit

In this video you’ll see how the owner of La Casa de Bea turned an ordinary family home into something extraordinary for her community.

(Video: Youtube/Plant Based Traveler)

La Casa de Bea

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