Lima Compost: Repurposing organic waste

Agnes Rivera

The organization recently participated in Mistura. What do they plan to do with the nearly 100 kg of organic waste collected from the event?

Lima Compost: Repurposing organic waste

At Mistura (Photo: Lima Compost Facebook)

If you know anything about Peru’s famed Mistura festival then you know that it’s all about the food. But when we buy, cook, and eat our food, it doesn’t have to end there.

Minimizing waste and composting the leftover organic components should go hand in hand with gastronomy, and Lima Compost was able to promote just that when they recently participated in this year’s edition of Mistura. Having already helped hundreds of families in Lima begin composting organic waste, they set up an interactive and educational stand to convince more foodies to do the same.

Lima Compost is a social business that offers classes for composting in your house, apartment, schools or offices. “With the funds from such classes we are able to travel to the provinces of Lima to continue teaching about compost,” says Raúl Valenzuela, promoter of Lima Compost. Raúl spoke with Living in Peru to share more about their experience at South America’s largest food festival:

How were you able to land a spot in Mistura, did someone invite you or did you have to apply?

We were invited by Aniquem [Asociación de Ayuda al Niño Quemado], the organization that was in charge of coordinating all the sustainable acitivites in Mistura. As well, Cálidda (Lima and Callao’s main natural gas provider) sponsored our stand.

What was the reaction of the people at Mistura like when they came to your stand? What is it as you had expected?

The reaction was incredible. Our expectations were pretty low due to previous experiences at the festival. However, this year we received more than two thousand curious visitors to the stand. Our focus was upon making people aware that they can recycle organic waste in their homes and apartments. (Already we’ve helped 500 homes begin composting in Lima.)

Did you receive more tourists or Peruvians at your stand showing interest?

We received more Peruvians but this is because they simply were the majority at the festival. A large portion of visitors were foreigners, however mostly Latin Americans.

I understand that Lima Compost was collecting organic waste from the kitchens at Mistura. How much did you collect by the end of the festival?

We were able to compost 96 kg of organic waste. We collected fruits, vegetables, and coffee grounds. This will be used to support the reforestation project of the Costa Verde.

[Kitchens and stands that donated their organic waste inlcude: Chifa Real, El Tuyuyo, Mareas y ceviches, La Perla de Las Flores, as well as coffee houses Perú Blends and La Casa del Café.]

Reforestation of the Costa Verde? We didn’t know it was happening either.

What do you think readers, want to give composting a try? Use the links below for more information on how to get started.

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