LIF Week: A new tradition?

By Caroll Ortiz Lavi

Caroll returns to LIF Week 2015 only to be transported to the Peruvian highlands.

I finished my day at work, took my camera, grabbed my LIF Week press pass and hopped in my taxi to arrive to the 2015 fashion showcase in sharp fashion.

As with previous editions, LIF Week was held in the Jockey Club facilities where Ana Maria Guiulfo presented her new Autum-Winter collection inspired by a girl from the Andes called “Herminia”.

A full colored carpet filled with plenty of flower designs was the first thing that called my attention. The color pallet played with red, purple, pink, orange, sky blue, and greens. Fun, flashy colorblock dresses, blouses, skirts and alpaca coats transported me to the beautiful highlands that I really love.

Check out Ana Maria Guiulfo’s 2013 collection presented at LIF Week

The orange silk blouse, green belt and pink skirt outfit was awesome. Even if this look simple it has all the elements of the actually traditional dresses but with an intelligent prêt-a-porter (ready to wear) concept. Personally, the green dress with white and red flowers and the purple dress were the most interesting pieces of this collection.

(Photo: Caroll Ortiz Lavi/Peru this Week)

Efrain Salas crossed my way and I saw him, as the head of the organisation, focused upon taking care of all the details to guarantee the public the best show with the highest international standards.

It was a happy and cool night with special music playing at a wide lounge where you could take some drinks. It was easy to be swept up watching the bloggers and the beautiful models, especially the people with nice outfits. Everyone was enjoying themslelves and the event with all the people around them and, of course, the crowd of paparazzi taking thousands of pictures!

Get a behind the scenes look at LIF Week 2015, here!

It feels as if this event is becoming a sort of tradition now. Many people wait all year for the latest edition and come in groups of friends. A handsome guy with a white and navy blue striped shirt, blue blazer and slim cut red pants told me, “as men attend the soccer games with their boys, now moms are coming to the fashion shows with their girls”.

Will this become a new tradition?

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