A taste of tradition at Huacho Mucho Gusto

Agnes Rivera

The gastronomical festival aims to drive tourism to an area that is full of succulent dishes (thinking about you, salchicha huachana) and a history just as rich.

“We want to show all [of Peru], the rich touristic possibilities that the welcoming city of Huacho has and little by little we will generate economic growth in the norte chico,” proclaimed Huaura’s provincial mayor, Humberto Barba Mitrani, at the press conference for Huacho Mucho Gusto.

From May 21-22, the coastal city and capital of the Huaura Province, will welcome thousands to see and taste what the region has been cooking up. Festival attendees can take part in a gastronomic adventure that features regional plates such as: salchica huachana (that incredible sausage you’ve likely had with scrambled eggs tucked into a warm bread bun); duck in various forms (if you like it spicy, ask for pato picante, or- if you dare- ask for cebiche de pato); those with a big appetite can stand in line for the ever popular chancho al cilindro (roasted pork), and those looking for something slightly smaller have the picante de cuy to look forward to. And the Goldilocks among us who want something in between- well, take a sip of the chilcano de guinda (a refreshingly cool pisco cocktail enhanced with cherries), and meander among the numerous stands until you find that something that’s just right.

Located on the coast of Peru, Huacho’s climate is forgiving, resulting in plenty of vegetation and wildlife. In the area you can not only beaches, but salt mines and fields of cotton, sugar cane, and rice.

(Photo: Aaron Heredia)

According to Nelson Chui Mejio, regional governor of Lima, Huacho boasts “an endless variety of products thanks to the sea and earth, and with said products [Huacho natives] can create a variety of plates” (La Republica). As stated at the press conference however, the purpose of the festival is not solely to eat delicious food, but to also learn about and value where the products that we consume come from and the tradition behind the dishes.

The two-day event, held at plazuela Andrés de los Reyes in Huacho, expects 10,000 tourists to visit. Will you be one of them?

To get there:

Huacho is just under 150 km from Lima. Following the PanAmericana Norte, the trip will take less than two hours (110 minutes, more or less).


-Lomas de Lachay National Reserve
-Bandurria archaeological site (along the Huaura River, and dating back to 4000 BC)

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