Happy Feet: Jessica Butrich’s Summertime Shoes

By Susana Aguirre
All photos from Jessica Butrich Facebook official

Temperatures are rising, which means it’s time to revamp your wardrobe- from head to toe!

Happy Feet: Jessica Butrich’s Summertime Shoes

(Photo: Jessica Butrich Facebook)

Think about your ideal summer day and surely images of rainbow-colored snow cones, strawberry daiquiris, and golden sunsets come to mind. For her latest spring/summer ‘15 collection, designer Jessica Butrich transformed these summertime pleasures into vibrant and whimsical footwear.

There is a shoe for every occasion in this collection, each pair aptly named to suit their charm. Take the “Submarino” (or Submarine), a striped espadrille, peep toe wedge in beige and navy blue.

shoes Submarino

Or the “Espuma” (Sea foam) flat sandal, adorned with ocean blue suede hearts that are perfect for a blissful stroll along the beach. The “Martini” and “Bellini” platform heels are highly recommended for a night out on the town or perhaps a brunch date on a bright Sunday.

shoes Espuma

Discover more of our top choices below, all of which are sure to make your soles (and soul, the pun is too good to pass up) happy this summer.

shoes Feel that flower power with the Bellinis

shoes The Daiquiri is sure to melt hearts

shoes What flavor of the Raspadilla suits your taste?

You can find these along with the brand’s entire women’s wear collection in the Jessica Butrich showroom located at:

Miguel Dasso 126-212, San Isidro – Lima
Phone number: (511) 221 0569

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