Cool concept: Sibaris Resto-Bar

Frank Lindner

In the opinion of Food Inspiration’s Senior Editor, the name of Sibaris should get an upgrade to: Super Sibaris.

Cool concept: Sibaris Resto-Bar

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When in Lima, it’s virtually impossible to have a bad meal at a restaurant. That said, all elements are aligned to perfection at Sibaris.

In the heart of Barranco you will find resto-bar Sibaris. The owners are Chef Francesco de Sanctis and manager Thalía Talavera. The interior of the venue savors strongly of the trending bistronomy restaurants you see nowadays, especially in Europe. The interior is minimalistic, yet certainly atmospheric, with lots of signature vintage elements.

Pisco and Gin

Sibaris is open for lunch and dinner, yet there is also an extensive bar where national Peruvian cocktails like Pisco Sour and Chilcano are served. Internationally trendy mixed drinks like Gin-Tonic and Negroni are also on the bar list. Fancy a local Peruvian beer? The bartender will be happy to open a bottle up for you.

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Quality and Chef’s skills

The leading principal of Sibaris’ concept is an informal setting where the dishes are presented as ‘shared dining’. At the table, guests share end enjoy the dishes served together. The price-quality ratio is very good and also based on a bistronomic vision: high-quality, in-season products, prepared in a professional manner. The added value of Sibaris – and of bistronomy, in general – is determined by the quality of the ingredients and the skill of the kitchen team. This is evidenced in the technical and skilled food preparation at Sibaris as well as in the taste of the dishes.

Quinoa with egg yolk

One of the dishes we ordered at our visit was Pulpo Popcorn: octopus bites coated with small, crisp pieces of popcorn. The tender meat is served in a popcorn cup, familiar sight you’ll know well from your cinema visits. To your own taste, you can dip your Pulpo Popcorn piece through a sauce of limon enhanced with Chinese cinnamon.

Quinoa Gratin (Photo: Living in Peru/

The next dish was a slightly acidic tartar with toast. The diced veal had been expertly prepared, as opposed to a squelchy pulp produced by a kitchen machine like you often encounter. At Sibaris, the tartar is obviously cut by hand and chopped to perfection, using one or two Chef’s knives.

The third dish was Quinoa Gratin, a warm course with quinoa, vegetables and cheese, topped with a runny egg yolk. The idea is that you break the egg-yolk and steer it through the terrine. Just seconds before the taxi arrived to take me to the airport, a ‘farewell’ ice cream of cacao beans and home-made brownie pieces arrived to our table. Tastefully served in a contemporary-rustic blue bowl, the color contrasted brilliantly with the dark brown chocolate ice cream.

Tartate de Ternera (Photo: Living in Peru/

The Blessed Trinity

Starters are roughly priced at 20 soles (5.50 euro), main dishes circa S/. 35 (9.50 euro). On the evening dining menu artisanal pizzas can be ordered for around S/. 20. Desserts are around S/. 15 (4 euro).

At Sibaris, all elements come together perfectly. The Blessed Trinity is achieved by Sibaris: the bistronomic concept, variety of plates offered, and the kitchen staff and waiters are all in perfect balance.

Taste and Value

In my opinion, Sibaris is currently one of the most Trend On restaurants in Lima. Gathering together to share dishes is an essential part of ‘Reconnect’. Reconnect is one of the important food trends for the upcoming decennium – and is all about reconnecting to the food we eat.

The quality of the food is high, and the prices relatively affordable at Sibaris. The dishes are fairly light, healthy and full of taste – it’s a truly high value food experience. We saw many guests having lively conversations with each other, instead of staring at their smart phones.

In the opinion of Food Inspiration, the name of Sibaris should get an upgrade to: Super Sibaris.

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