First Int'l Gastronomy Congress puts the industry's challenges on the table

Hillary Ojeda

The Peruvian Society of Gastronomy is looking ahead to face the challenges the Peruvian kitchen will face over the next five years.

First Int'l Gastronomy Congress puts the industry's challenges on the table

(Photo: Facebook/APEGA Sociedad Peruana de Gastronomia)

Two heads are better than one. That’s the strategy that the Peruvian Society of Gastronomy (Apega) is taking when it comes to facing the challenges to come in Peru’s gastronomy sector.

For the sake of creativity in the kitchen, Apega is organizing the first International Gastronomy Congress to take place in Lima, April 12-13.

They have invited speakers from Thailand, The Netherlands, Spain, Mexico, Colombia and Peru to take part in the historical event at the Centro de Convenciones de Lima in San Borja.

With some of the world’s most experienced chefs and specialists in gastronomy, what challenges will this gastronomy congress not conquer?

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The Congress has proposed discussing subjects: new fronts for the development of Peruvian cuisine, an agenda for technological innovation of the gastronomy sector, tourism and gastronomy, training of technicians in kitchens, healthy cooking and modernization of the food markets in Peru.

The wide array of international and national speakers addressing these issues will strengthen the analysis with a global perspective and allow participants to learn from experiences from around the world.

International speakers include Francisco Maass, Vice Minister of Tourism of Mexico; Frank Lindner, expert from the Food Inspiration institute of the Netherlands; gastronomy experts from Thailand; Spanish Eduardo Fernández Ezkurdia, Director of Consulting Fresh Business (Basque Country), business leader in the gastronomy innovation area; and chef Kiko Moya, of Restaurante L’Escaleta (Michelin star since 2010).

National speakers include Bernardo Roca Rey, president of Apega; Piero Ghezzi, Minister of Production; Dr. Elmer Herta; Rolando Arellano Cueva; Fernando Villarán, Dean of Engineering and Management of the Univ. Ruiz de Montoya; Luis Ginocchio; Mirko Lauer; Mariano Valderrama; José Koechlin, president of the Soc. de Hoteles de Peru; Enrique Quiñones, president of Apotur; Elmo León, investigator and author of 14,000 años de alimentación en el Perú (14,000 years of food in Peru); among others.

Apega expects to host more than 500 people with various backgrounds including restaurateurs, teachers and researchers, students of gastronomy, gastronomy press and the general public.

Tickets are on sale at Tu Entrada modules in Plaza Vea and Vivanda super markets. For questions contact or by phone 461-2221 (anexo 29)

To download the program, click HERE.

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