Fashion frenzy with a style enthusiast

Natasha Clay
Originally published in An Extra Shot

From Lima to Milan, it doesn’t matter where this blogger goes, her passion to communicate prevails.

Fashion frenzy with a style enthusiast

(Photo courtesy of Style in Lima)

I had the chance to ask 34-year-old Milagros “Mila” Plaza – fashion enthusiast, freelancer, blogger, instagrammer – a series of questions about her life and her desire for fashion and communications. She has lived in many places over the years, but her passion for fashion has never left her side.

After living and studying in London, Barcelona, and New York, her perspectives of freedom and expression were broadened, her personal creativity enhanced and her drive for fashion encouraged. Mila decided to take things into her own hands and do something to push limeñas to dare to dress better; thus, in 2010 she created her blog, Style in Lima.

Call her a rebel, Mila embraced the “challenges that seem simple but at the time no one dared to take.” She gives the simple example of “how to combine a white cotton shirt to go to work, to attend a wedding, [or[ to wear it under another top.”

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Currently living in Barcelona, one of the fashion capitals of the world, Mila has continued to inspire international followers with her blog and Instagram. Just take a look.

How long has fashion been a part of your life?

Fashion was always present, it is present in all human beings. We use dressing as part of our communication, like it or not.

Does traditional Peruvian fashion inspire you?

Peru inspires me, but not when referring to fashion…it still hasn’t reached its potential. In terms of inspiration, I’m referring to my country’s culture, colors, flavors, [and] sounds.

Besides fashion, what is another passion you have?

Style In Lima changed from being a fashion blog to a lifestyle blog where I share everything I like, what I learn, what intrigues me … my true passion, as a communicator, is to share everything.

How would you define your personal style?

Eclectic. I dress the way I feel even though it sounds weird. When I get dressed I don’t choose my mood; my desire to do something or be something decides for me.

What is your inspiration?

Sometimes such ridiculous things like coffee inspires me…[or] I want to dress in black, going with a ‘tough’ look and other times a garden inspires me and I dress more loose, sheer and with flowers…that’s how I go, being led by my surroundings.

What object reminds you of Peru?

Every time I look in the mirror I remember my country. A thousand years can pass but I will never lose my identity. I carry Peru in my habits, language, in my character, in my way of life.

Do you want to move anywhere where fashion stands out more? Perhaps New York, London or Paris?

I live in one of the most important artistic cities in the world, what more can I ask for?

What fashion tips does Mila give to Living in Peru readers? Find out when you download the complete July issue of An Extra Shot here.


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