ESAN, a gateway to the international business world

Alex Mann
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An interview with the director of the International MBA at ESAN, voted one of the Best Business Schools in Latin America of 2016.

ESAN, a gateway to the international business world

ESAN, in Lima

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From double‐degree agreements to a variety of study abroad opportunities, and many fields of study to choose from to an elite international network, the ESAN Graduate Business School is Peru’s premier option for discovering and conquering the international business world.

Armando Borda Reyes, director of the International MBA at ESAN, outlined why ESAN is the top choice for both Peruvian and international students.

In what way do the International MBA students interact with professionals from all over the world?

During the entire program in different formats. Students share the classroom with people from different countries from the first day. For instance, since 2014, we’ve received students from more than 20 countries (Canada, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, France, Germany, England, China, etc.) and in this year alone, there are nine nationalities represented in the classroom.

Additionally, our students get to participate in two International Weeks, which are important events here at ESAN, where postgraduate students from different universities around the world receive classes from top‐notch foreign professors. Our students also can take advantage of more than 60 exchange agreements and ten double degrees.

Does the International MBA faculty include professors from abroad?

All of our professors, regardless of their country of origin, are fluent in English and have postgraduate diplomas. It’s important to highlight as well that most of our local faculty studied their Ph.D. abroad in well‐recognized universities. Finally, our international faculty [comes] from diverse countries such as USA, France and New Zealand without considering the professors that we invite in our international weeks.

ESAN has an extensive list of accolades and awards. Which ones stand out to you?

We are proud of all the awards that we have received. We believe that they recognize our leading role in forming top executives in Latin America. ESAN has been ranked as the best MBA in Peru and one of the best in the region for seven years consecutively. We also belong to the most exclusive networks in management education. Being part of networks such as PIM (Partnership in International Management) allows us to establish relationships with top tier universities that are reflected in our exchange and double degree opportunities available. Finally, ESAN is internationally accredited by two of the most important bodies in business administration: the AACSB and AMBAS.

What kind of relationship does ESAN have with its many partner schools?

We have very close relations with our partners. Being fairly active internationally and having students that excel during their study abroad programs strengthen our relations with universities worldwide. These assets are fairly important to build long lasting relations with our partners. Further, they allow us to expand our relations with more high quality institutions not only for exchange agreements but also for double degrees. ESAN ́s MBA program has already the largest number of double degrees available in the Peruvian Market and it is working continuously to expand their international network to fulfill with its mission: to educate highly qualified upright leaders and professionals with critical sense and global vision.

What double degree programs do you offer and which are the most popular?

ESAN offers 10 double degree programs. Three of them from the USA (FIU, UT Austin, University of Dallas), four from France (IESEG, EDHEC, ESC Clermont, Montpellier Business School), one from Belgium (ICHEC), one from Germany (HHL), and this year we signed a new one with the University of Nagoya in Japan.

Tell me more about the double-­degree agreements? What are the advantages of getting a double-degree?

Our students who go on a double degree spend the first half of the program here at ESAN, and then they travel to the double degree destination for the second half of the program(which varies from 8 to 12 months). The advantages of participating in one are life changing: not only do you get to know a new country, a new culture, build new relationships, but you also get to learn how the business world works from another point of view, which makes you a valuable asset on the job market.

What does ESAN look for in a prospective student?

Our candidates usually are between 28‐35 years old, have a minimum of 3‐year corporate experience and are fluent in English. We are looking for people with excellent academic and professional potential, who are interested in studying abroad and who aim to be a future leader not only in Peru but also above and beyond our national boundaries.

The International MBA opened 3 years ago, have some of your students already found work abroad or in Peru?

Yes, we are proud to see that our students who went on a double degree are founding opportunities overseas. We currently have Peruvian students working in Germany (Osram, Mr Spex), in France (Assystem), and in the USA (DELL), among others.






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