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An Extra Shot...of goodness!

Natasha Clay

Have you read the latest issue of “An Extra Shot” yet?

An Extra Shot...of goodness!

(Photo: Natasha Clay/ Living in Peru)

As some of you may already know by having read Mr. Living in Peru’s blog articles, the Living in Peru team has been working hard to publish an entertaining monthly paper for you all to enjoy. Our dream finally came true in August when the first edition of “An Extra Shot” was printed and delivered to all the Starbucks stores in the Lima Metropolitan area.

If you haven’t already ran into your local Starbucks you should, because last week we released the second edition of “An Extra Shot”. We talked about an awesome hotel that will have you feeling like a condor, micro breweries, the mysterious Señor Z, and food from the highlands, jungle and coastal Peru.

If you’re not in the Lima area don’t fret, you can download your free epub , mobi or PDF version here!

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