2016's Top Blogs from LIP Contributors

This year Living in Peru received great material from new contributors from all over the world. Was your article selected?

2016's Top Blogs from LIP Contributors

(Image: Eduardo Rivera/Living in Peru)

How can an online lifestyle and news source stay grounded, stay connected, and stay fresh? From our perspective, the most logical way is to stay in touch with our readers. This means allowing them to be heard, which in many cases leads to some of our best articles. Living in Peru is constantly accepting new writers (and photographers), so if these articles inspire you, feel free to send a message to editor@livinginperu.com with your ideas.

1. Inka Cola, national drink of Peru
Phillip Orange, originally from England, is a young expat who spent some time contributing to Living in Peru, and also has his own blog, Gringo Peru. We published a portion of one of his most interesting articles, which tells of the history of Inca Cola, that fizzy yellow soda.

2. Four new shops on La Mar
New Jersey native Carly Tice took us on a walk down popular Miraflores’ avenue, La Mar. Those familiar with the street can attest to the ever-growing scene of shops and restaurants popping up along this bustling, industrial area. If you’re looking for a laid back weekend plan, why not take this route and explore a piece of Lima?

3. Peru prepares to host APEC Summit 2016
No doubt one of the largest events of the year to take place in Peru, news about the APEC summit popped up on Living in Peru months before the November conference took place. Drawing world leaders and innovators such as US President Barack Obama and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, once again put Peru in the international spotlight. Faithful LIP contributor and Washington, D.C. resident, W. Alendro Sanchez, gave us a few simple reasons as to why this event would be meaningful for the nation.

4. Life of an Expat: James Orlowski
Although the author created a series of Life of an Expat articles, there’s something about Orlowski’s story that really interested our readers. Perhaps it was the three sweet words, ‘fish and chips’? Expat Helena M. von Schuler dove into the New Zealander’s journey to Peru and how he created a neighborhood favorite with his pub, Brewpub Wicks.

5. Barranco’s Casa de Leeuw
Fenny de Leeuw, a descendant of the mansion’s original owners, shared this article that detailed not only the history of the home, but the current state of the well-preserved building from the Republican era. This article provides a mini tour of the gem that can be seen in Barranco, Lima.







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