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Kick your summer into high gear by watching the 6 Horas Peruanas race

By Nancy Guima

You won’t want to miss one of the most emblematic motorsport events in Peru.

Kick your summer into high gear by watching the 6 Horas Peruanas race

(All images: Campeonato de Circuito Turismo Competición Facebook)

The summer racing season in Lima is about to switch into high gear with the “6 Horas Peruanas” (6 Peruvian hours) competition, the second most representative race competition in our country, preceded only by the Caminos del Inca race. 

According to Peru.com, it was held for the first time on May 24, 1964 in a street racetrack in Campo de Marte in Jesús María and pilots Kike Pérez and Percy Fox, who drove a Volvo P-1800, took home the trophy. Next year, at the same street track, pilots Eduardo Dibos and Emilio Fort, driving a Ferrari 3000, were awarded the big prize. Over the years, this traditional race competition has been held in many different places, like the Collique Airfield, Las Palmas Air Force Base, Canto Grande Circuit, Santa Rosa Racetrack and, since 2010, in La Chutana racetrack in Chilca, according to La República.

6 Peruvian Hours is famous because, as its name shows, it lasts 6 long hours. So that means that it would be impossible for one single pilot to drive by him or herself in this competition. That’s why competitors gather in teams of two, three or even four pilots and drive in intervals, to avoid physical and mental stress and exhaustion. Another tricky aspect of this race is that pilots must take care of their fuel, tires and breaks, as well as avoiding collisions. According to Salvador Ricci in an interview with La República, “pilots must avoid collisions, as they could be a reason to leave the competition.”

This year’s edition, which begins Feb. 9, will be unique because, unlike previous years, the race will take place during both the day and night, starting at 4 p.m. and finishing at 10 p.m. Another plus will be that SuperBike, drifting and Dakar pilot’s exhibit starting at 2 p.m. So, buy your ticket and enjoy all the expertise of the best 120 Peruvian pilots in motorsports such as circuit, drifting, drag racing, autocross and rally, driving the fastest cars you can imagine.

In past years, we have seen many TV stars like Mario Hart, Marcos Llunas, Federico Salazar, Roberto Martínez, Fernando Roca Rey and Joanna Boloña successfully participating. And, this year won’t be the exception.   

A quick tip: buy tickets for the Grill Zone (Parrillas) for 30 soles and you can actually bring your grill and charcoal as well as all the meat, sausages and hot dogs you can eat in six hours.  


6 Horas Peruanas

February 9, 2013 starting at 2 pm

You can buy your tickets in Teleticket in Wong or Metro

Children under 10 enter for free

Get a 20% discount until Feb. 1  


For more information about the event click here.