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Do you love alternative sports? You don't want to miss this event!

By Nancy Guima

The ExpoSurf isn’t just about surf; there will be tons of information and performances of other alternative sports, as well as concerts, a fashion show, and a chance to meet Og de Souza, who skateboards without use of his legs.

Do you love alternative sports? You don't want to miss this event!

A photo contest entry. (Photo: ExpoSurf Facebook Page/Goyo Barragán)

As I was walking around Miraflores, I discovered a new fair and, judging it by its name, I thought that it was exclusively related to surfing. However, after looking for more information on the Internet, I realized that this fair is actually related to alternative sports including not only surfing but also skate, body board, paddle surfing, trekking, running, kite surfing, BMX, downhill, mountain biking, motocross, sailing sports, watercraft and more! So, attention sport lovers: You have to check out the Expo Surf Perú 2013.

This event, held once a year since 2004, aims to create a strong relationship between the sales representatives and you.  You will find not only the classic stands selling products related to all of these sports, but also conferences and workshops on topics like: taking care of the environment when practicing sports; taking care of your skate or surf board; and how to improve your slackline technique. To keep you entertained, there will also be fashion shows, video projections, a photo contest, sweepstakes, sports exhibits by both the Converse Team and the Dunkelvolk Team, and concerts by Qechuaboi, Terko and Laguna Pai.

It is also going to be a great chance to meet Og de Souza, a professional skater who practices this sport without using his legs. He is such an inspiration for many people! If you haven’t heard about him, you can watch this video: 

If you want to win a Go Pro camera, all you need to do is to participate in the video or photo contest arranged by ExpoSurf. There are three categories, including maneuvers or tricks, landscapes and lifestyle. For more information click here.    



When? From January 30 to February 2 from 10:00 am to 11:00 pm

Where? María Angola Convention Center Av. La Paz 610 Miraflores

Remember entrance is free

For more information visit the event\‘s Facebook page and check out the detailed list of activities here.