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Yes, Peru has its own Justin Bieber: meet Alejandro Avilez


Because having one Justin Bieber in this world isn’t enough, Peruvian Alejandro Avilez has hit fame looking freakishly identical to the Biebs. Here’s his story…

Yes, Peru has its own Justin Bieber: meet Alejandro Avilez

Peru will not be left behind: we can say we have our very own Justin Bieber. (Photo: Alejandro Avilez's FB Page)

He was born Alejandro Avilez but now he\‘s known as: The Peruvian Justin Bieber. He\‘s turned in to an international teen idol as fast as you can type up Beliebers.

Here are the stats, courtesy of the Somos (El Comercio) article published last Saturday:

  • Over 100 groups dedicated to Alejandro on Facebook
  • His official FB Page has more than 30,000 followers
  • 20,000 plus follow his every tweet
  • A steady and growing following in various Latin American countries and you\‘ll find fan pages from Spain, France, Turkey, Israel, Russia… need we say more about his international sensation status?

He\‘s 16 and has been on numerous TV shows. His mom, who used to be his manager until it became too big of a job for her to handle, says he receives dozens of offers to travel and appear in international TV shows. He now counts on a representative, "like famous people," says his mom and contracts have poured in to do shows where he would characterize the Biebs. If Justin Bieber fans are called "Beliebers" then Alejandro fans are called "Alejandrinas."

So how did it all start? One day, Alejandro was fiddling around with his best friend, his guitar, when his sister decided to catch it all on tape and put it on Youtube. Does the story sound familiar? It\‘s the same story Bieber and hundreds of other young artists have in common. Youtube is the ticket to stardom, remember that, young people. 

It was Christmas 2005 when he took over his sister\‘s guitar and found out his real passion in life is music. He does blues and jazz and has a few written songs. His goal is to jump start his music career but for now, he\‘s offering his services as a Chambelan, the escort in charge of making a 15 year-old\‘s dream birthday party become a reality. His first gig will be in Arequipa.

He will meet his clone, the one and only Justin Bieber, today before, during or after (we really should know this critical information) his concert in Lima. If an explosion occurs today, we\‘ll know why.