Health & Beauty: How to deal with your rosacea

By Milenka Frkovich

More and more young people are having to deal with the bright red skin brought on by rosacea, a condition whose cause scientists have not yet been able to identify.

Health & Beauty: How to deal with your rosacea

(Photo: RosaceaFacts Facebook)

Rosacea is a common problem amongst women and men. It is an inflammatory skin condition in which the blood vessels in the face become visible and so your cheeks, nose, forehead and chin look as red as an apple. They say that this condition usually becomes a problem by the age of 40 or 50, but my dermatologist said that a lot more young people are having it, but the cause is still unknown.

I’ve been trying to deal with this problem since I discovered I had rosacea about three years ago when I couldn’t understand why my cheeks went red sometimes on some specific occasions. Over the years I’ve learnt how to live with it, in part by learning about possible causes and taking steps to control them.

Here are some tips to control rosacea:

– Manage stress:
There is really so much bad that can come from being stressed. Anxiety and anger can not only cause a flare-up of rosacea, it can also cause other facial skin problems that make the whole thing worse. When I was doing my very last university exam this last month, my cell phone started to ring pretty loud and I couldn\‘t turn it off. The person in charge of administering the exam came over to me and gave me a hard time. I was so nervous that my cheeks turned red and I could feel my face burn. Not only did my rosacea get worse, but I also got a pimple from the experience. Lesson learned: try to stay calm and don\‘t get stressed over something ridiculous. I would recommend that you get involved in sports; they are great for stress relief!

– Stay away from the sun or any hot environment:
Staying away from the sun in summer sounds almost impossible, but I can tell that extremely hot environments bring on my rosacea. That also includes using the hair dryer; being in the kitchen near the oven, or any other hot place for that matter.

– Alcohol:
Excessive alcohol is bad for rosacea, especially the morning after. As good as wine is said to be for other health concerns, this beverage may be the worst for a rosacea problem.

– Spicy food:
Any spicy food will show up on your face. So if you want to eat ceviche, try to order a mildly spiced plate. Also, you should try to consume fewer spices.

– Caffeine and hot drinks:
Caffeine is really bad, too. Try to consume less coffee and fewer energy drinks and sodas (specially the dark ones). It is better that you drink them at room temperature or cold. Or As always, the best option is to just have some water.

– Eat healthy:
The more processed food you eat, the worse your skin will be. Understand that processed food contains artificial colors and flavors, as well as too many bad chemicals that can impact on your rosacea and make it worse. There’s nothing better than eating fresh and clean food.

– Clean your face and use mild face cosmetics:
First of all, use sunblock to protect your face from irritation caused by sun exposure. Clean and wash your face with water and not with regular soap. Avoid any strong face lotion, cosmetics with fragrances, waterproof products and hard scrubbings; those are bad for your skin. When it comes to exfoliants, just gently rub your face for no more than 20 seconds, ONLY in the spot needed.